Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Relationships, Relationships, Relationships

Mrs. Marquess, our Executive Director of Secondary Instruction, shared the article below with me today.

Reading it reaffirmed one of our CORE values (Relationships) and what The Wildcat Way stands for.

Excerpts from the article that resonated with me are:

... compelling evidence from the fields of adolescent development and resiliency studies show that caring relationships are the key factor in helping young people flourish.

... a teacher’s personality counts...

... If an inquiry-based system is to succeed, we’ll need human beings in the classroom who know their field, but who also radiate the kind of positive, non-judgmental love that helps students open their minds and hearts.

To the teachers of WJHS, I say thanks for being knowledgeable in your content and current on pedagogical practices but more importantly, thanks for striving to model The Wildcat Way and building strong relationships with our students.

Go Wildcats!

P.S. For a peak inside our school and evidence of The Wildcat Way, check out our #gowjhswildcats hashtag on Twitter and/or Instagram.

Tim Sparacino, Principal
Washington Jr. High School

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