Friday, March 20, 2015

Providing Students Access to Technology: 1:Many at WJHS

At Washington Jr. High School, we place a very high importance on providing students and teachers access to modern tools in order to help ensure a meaningful, engaging learning environment.

One of the ways that we do that is through our 1:Many grant initiative.

In our 1:Many initiative, teachers apply for a cart of laptops in order to ensure that they have a device for every 1-3 students.

The applications are reviewed by our district Instructional Technology Support Specialists and our WJHS admin team.  The process of identifying the recipients from all the quality applications is always very difficult and this year was no exception.

We're striving to get to a place where teachers don't have to apply for this "basic" equipment and we will continue to work to use all available funds to support our transformation.

While some schools see technology devices as "nice to have" extras, we see them in the same light as books, paper, pencils/pens, projectors...for us they are basic, required learning tools.

Our kids deserve the best that we can provide.  So, we are continually working to transform every room in the building on our way to a 1:1 environment.

With today's awards, we now have fifteen 1:Many classrooms in our building to compliment the ten classrooms that have acquired 1:1 grants through our district's 21C program.

Congratulations to the latest round of 1:Many grant recipients!

Libby Brown

Casey Cunningham

Britani Durr

Deb Hight

Linda Holland

Stephanie Jones

Jennifer Tatum

Kim Woods

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