Friday, September 27, 2013

The Wildcat Way Defined

What exactly is The Wildcat Way?

The Wildcat Way for our faculty and staff can simply be defined as all the actions that we take to develop our students above and beyond standardized test scores.

There are many facets that comprise The Wildcat Way so we use the graphic below to easily communicate what it's about.

Let's break the graphic down and explore all the components of The Wildcat Way.

First, the arrow represents our actions.  You see, The Wildcat Way is more than a slogan.  It's a system that we operate within.  Our staff understands the need to move from beliefs to behaviors.  We do more than "say" The Wildcat Way, we live it.

Our CORE values are at the base of The Wildcat Way.  Those values are Collaboration, Observation, Relationships, and Expectations.

Our CORE values drive everything that we do.  In accordance with our "from beliefs to behaviors" mantra, our staff has made substantial commitments to each one of the core beliefs.

At the center of The Wildcat Way is our Focus on Excellence Framework.  We systematically "Look Back/Look Forward" which means that we, on an ongoing basis, seek input and brainstorm ways to improve things that happened over the past few weeks while also anticipating things that we could do in the future to ensure that we live up to our motto of "Excellence in all that we do- Academics, Activities, Arts, and Athletics."

At the pinnacle of The Wildcat Way is the students that we serve.  We strive to be about more than test scores and to connect with students on a personal level.  We know that the specific lessons that we teach may not be remembered for years to come but the relationships that we build and the life skills that we help instill will be.

We want our Wildcats to be Welcoming, Involved, Leading, Dependable, Cooperative, Ambitious, Teachable, and Serving.

That is The Wildcat Way.

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