Wednesday, November 18, 2015

A Thankful Principal

I love Thanksgiving!

It is one of the greatest holidays.

You’ve got the food without the shopping.

You’ve got time to be with family.

It is quite simply…GREAT!

I wanted to share with the WJHS faculty some of the things that I appreciate about them as Thanksgiving approaches.

I’m thankful for…

-A staff (certified and classified) that work together to do what’s best for our students.

-A staff that demonstrates a love for students on a daily basis through their patience, their concern, and a desire to do their best every day.

-Your commitment to our CORE values.
               Your willingness to collaborate.
               Your willingness to observe, to be observed, and otherwise grow professionally.
               Your skill at developing positive relationships.
               The high expectations that you have for yourself and our students.

-Our positive culture and the way that we support each other like a family should.

-Your school spirit!
Giving up your personal time so that our students see you supporting them at extracurricular events.
Dressing up.
Acting silly, dancing, or even doing back flips so that our kids see us as real people. J

-Your willingness to give new ideas not only consideration, but a chance to succeed.

-Your ability to provide honest feedback and engage in conversations about topics that we might not all agree on at the moment.

I could go on and on but I’ll conclude by saying thank you most of all for helping to create a great school!

Tim Sparacino, Principal