Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Are you having fun?

Hey, WJHS faculty and staff.  Are you having fun?  Do your students know it?

Think back to June 3rd of 2013.  That was our first official day as a staff.  Some of our friends had moved on to open the new Fulbright Jr. High and we were spending a half day retreat developing our own new vision, mission...The Wildcat Way!

Our first activity was to think back on a favorite teacher.  We identified why they were our favorite- they cared about us as individuals, they held us to high standards but made learning enjoyable, they connected with us and helped us uncover our strengths and our passions.

Then we made commitments to actions that would help us be more like those favorite teachers that were so influential in our lives.

Now, fast forward to yesterday...I read a post from Smart Blog on Education entitled Have Fun, Change Lives.

The author of this blog post related a story about how one of his former students had written about him when challenged to write about someone that had influenced them.

When the former student was questioned why he wrote what he did, his reply was, “I wrote about you because you were always having fun when you taught.”

The blog post goes on to say:  Teachers today have taken on a new role. From the “sage on the stage” we have become the “guide on the side.” We put things out in front of our students and allow them to become selective consumers of content in a manner that is more reflective of real-life circumstances. We offer them many more opportunities to share and collaborate, to embrace the spirit of 21st century learning with the hope that it will translate into real-life, workplace-friendly skills.  However, with all of the great things that technology and other educational trends offer our students, we must remember that we, as teachers, are still the most important element in our classrooms. Not only do we serve as instructional leaders, providing content, guidance and clarification, but we also are the primary source of engagement and inspiration.

At WJHS, we strive to engage, inspire, and change lives through The Wildcat Way.  

My wish today is that you are also having fun...and that your students know it!


  1. I am having tooooooo much fun~!!!

  2. In a world of Standardized/Benchmark Tests, it is easy to get caught up in curriculum and test scores. Teaching is an Art Form. We take our content and passion and share that joy to excite our students. We are not a "delivery system of information" - my 7th graders may not remember the Coriolis Effect in 5 yrs., but I hope they they remember the relationships, the enthusiasm, and the joy of learning.