Monday, January 20, 2014

Wildcats Earn Spots in All-Region Honor Bands

Congratulations to the 27 WJHS students that made all-region yesterday and the 1 alternate! These students have worked extremely hard preparing for this event and as you will see below, paid off!!

Ethan Andrews - 2nd Band, 4th Chair
Megan Berg - 2nd Band, 2nd Chair
Garrison Brooksby - 2nd Band, 1st Chair
Robby Burchit - 1st Band, 6th Chair
Utah Courtney - 1st Band, 4th Chair
Jaden Flylnn - 2nd Band, 4th Chair
Audrey Glasser - 1st Band, 9th Chair
Ben Hodde - 2nd Band, 5th Chair
Easton Hughes - 2nd Band, 12th Chair
Salem Jackson - 2nd Band, 11th Chair
Laura Jones - 1st Band, 17th Chair
Ryan Le - 1st Band, 4th Chair
Christian Lowe - 2nd Band, 21st Chair
Rithu Manoharan - 1st Band, 26th Chair
Allison Martin - 2nd Band, 17th Chair
Victoria Martin -2nd Band, 18th Chair
Madison May - 1st Band, 12th Chair
Mackenzie McBride - 1st Band, 5th Chair
Parker McPherson - 1st Band, 5th Chair
Mason Moore - 1st Band, 3rd Chair
Sam Nepomuceno - 1st Band, 2nd Chair
Julia Sasine - 2nd Band, 4th Chair
Steven Simmermon - 1st Band, 5th Chair
Bailey Tadda - 1st Band, 6th Chair
Andrew Van Slooten, 1st Band, 1st Chair
Johathan Wheeler - 1st Band, 2nd Chair
Abi Wilkerson - 2nd Band, 3rd Chair

Jack Nagel - Alternate

These students will travel to Mountain Home this Friday and Saturday to participate in the all-region clinic! Concert will be Saturday afternoon starting at 2:00 in Dunbar Auditorium on the campus of Mountain Home High School. 

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