Friday, October 3, 2014

Teachers of WJHS: Thanks for Another Great Week

It’s been another great week here at WJHS.

Mrs. Judy Marquess, Executive Director of Secondary Instruction, helped top it off with her visit this morning.

As usual, Judy was very complimentary of what she saw in the classrooms that we visited- engaged students, having fun, AND learning.

Mrs. Marquess and I encountered laughter in virtually every classroom that we visited this morning.  It wasn't “off topic” laughter but genuine happiness about what they were accomplishing within the lessons.

Students were more than happy to share what they were doing and why they were doing it.

Our students are so lucky to have teachers that strive to incorporate real world activities and scenarios and provide students an opportunity to display their knowledge in ways other than traditional paper and pen tests, worksheets, etc.

I appreciate the effort that you put into teaching each week.


Have a great weekend!  

Tim Sparacino, Principal
Go Wildcats!

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