Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Ed Tech Tuesday-Flipboard

Everyone loves a good magazine. I know I get very excited when my Self magazine comes in the mail each month. I enjoy getting new ideas about food and exercise and reading articles that help me diagnose myself with rare diseases. Not really, but don't you read those and think to yourself that you have at least half of those symptoms. “Maybe I do have ...”

Well, along the same lines is my Flipboard account that I use on my phone and iPad. You can create public and/or private magazines made up of articles, videos, music and more based on your interests. You could create a magazine for you students to get them interested in your content, to provide extension/enrichment, or just to give them another way to look at a topic.

Once you have downloaded the app to your device search for Tim Sparacino who has several public magazines including Project Ideas, Common Core and iPad& Apps. Look me up too Chris Long (nolleytoo) and browse through my Notes to Self Magazine. I am new to Flipboard, so my magazine is “emerging,”which is a nice way to say sparse.

Technology shouldn’t be scary. Just play with it and have fun. The attached video gives a basic overview of Flipboard and its capabilities. Best way I have found to learn a new tool is to go online and just google it with the word tutorial after it. I usually get a few hits that I can watch or read through and it gets me started. That is the key. Just get started.

BTW...If you can't see the video through the blog because of flash issues, then go straight to YouTube and search "How to Create a Magazine on Flipboard 2.0."  Have fun creating!

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